1. Nothing in life will make sense until you get to the other side.
  2. Fear is a ugly bitch.  She will seduce you, run game and rob you blind of you let her. Do not let fear make you her bitch.
  3.  Success is relative.
  4. Some people will do anything for a buck; some will only do whats right to their soul. These two types of people can rarely see eye to eye.
  5. It’s ok to not be okay with whatever is given, suggested or proposed. Your opinion matters, especially if you are the one shouldering outcome.
  6. I over think…it is a gift and a curse.
  7. I love men who have feelings that they can access, but not men who are always in their feelings. There is a difference.
  8. Abstaining from sex is not that hard when your goal is for your body, heart and mind to meet with another in common purpose.
  9. I’ve had enough dick in my life to not go brain dead just because you have a big one. So please, put it away. And no pics, thanks.
  10. There are good men out there, they are just hard to find.  Like a good wax lady or hair stylist. If can find them, I can find him.
  11. True love is scary but worth it. So don’t let it pass you by.
  12. Naps are still the shit.
  13. The less you worry about money, the more it comes.
  14. Yep, still a whino!
  15. I value my relationships because I am old enough to know that they are truly genuine and worth of my time and attention.
  16. I really want my mother to be proud of me.
  17. I’m still very easy to please… love me, feed me, put me to bed…yet, niggas still can’t get it right.
  18. The older you get the faster you gain weight. Fucking sucks.
  19. Apparently when I do have kids I’ll be considered a senior mom but I refuse to believe that my eggs should have their own AARP card.
  20. When you ask for opportunity, and really pray for it, it will show up, it just may not be what you expected.
  21. I kinda understand why women in Hollywood go plastic and botox crazy. When the well goes dry you feel like you are the problem.
  22. I can genuinely feel completely happy for others despite what I may be going through.
  23. Motherfuckas still think that don’t text me all the time means text me…all the time.
  24. I have learned that simply not responding to such guys is the best move for me. Anything else will result in cuss words and my blood pressure going up.
  25. Some men still think that their tongues are an extension of their penis.  I do not like being dicked down via your mouth on my mouth.
  26. Many people have lost touch with the concept of intimacy.
  27. God has gifted me a very comfortable life…so much so, that I must convince myself to leave the house, often.
  28. I have seriously considered lipo. Nothing extreme, just a good Groupon tune up.
  29. Nothing will be easy. Get over it.
  30. I am no longer at the age where I can shop at Forever 21 without trying things on.
  31. My “off” switch has a hair trigger.
  32. Despite the times, I understand that some will still look at me with judgement, stereotypes and agendas to prevent my progress and some of those people will look like me.
  33. Beards make me feel some kinda way.
  34. The grass is always greener…my friends often tell me how lucky I am to be single and kid free while I cry to them about being single and possibly without kids.