Another year, another set of lessons. I hope you find yourself in these words as I found myself in coming to these conclusions. This year, I will dive in deeper into how I came to learn these lil tidbits. I’d like to dedicate this first blog of the year blog to Nasra, my favorite African. Even though we go months and months without speaking, you always reach out to encourage me to write, even though I have been running from it (that’s for another blog). You’re still the best forward a shooting guard could have, Go Cougars! 😉


1. Life is hard. The sooner you accept that fact, the easier it becomes.
2. I have no fucks let to give, so don’t ask.
3. If someone you love has a problem with you being you; they do not love you. More than likely thet do not love themselves and therefore loving them is not loving yourself.
4. There is a time, a season and a reason for most people and circumstances. Hindsight is 20/20.
5. Prayer works.
6. The greatest thing you can do for your sanity and peace of mind is to let go.
7. Fear will fuck with your opportunity,  don’t let it.
8. When I have kids, I will love them and tell them how beautiful, amazing and smart they are, because if I do not, they will grow up to be unlovable.
9. Although I want kids,  I’m glad I don’t have any right now. #justsayin
10. I no longer believe that older men are smarter, stronger or more compatible.  They all fucked up. lol
11. Be unapologetic about who you are.  Those who get it will, the others can kick rocks with sandals on.
12. God has literally shown himself to me more times than most people even fall in love and that alone, fills me with a love and peace that is priceless.
13. It’s amazing what the heart and soul can endure. I hear it often from others but now know that I am pretty strong and resilient and therefore can only love a man who matches my flow.
14. I believe in the possibilities.
15. I’m actually proud to not be dumb and in my 20s but very proud to look like I’m still in my 20s. #igetitfrommymomma
16. I am not that hard up for a relationship that I will settle for a half ass one for the sake of not being “single”.
17. My hustle game would put most people in the looney bin.
18. I fucking love YG! I just can’t help it. (ratchet tendencies)
19. Life is ordered in steps, not leaps.
20. Even in my thirties,  my procrastination is still on fleek. This must change.
21. I love birthday cards. I like to call them TROPHIES #inmydrakevoice.
22. I love Drake too. Deal with it.
23. Yep, still love a man who can cook… Yep, still have yet to date one. smh….
24. Success comes from personal triumphs, privates battles and an inner evolution that most people will never see.
25. In order to become the person you need to be, you must first be torn down.
26. Faith is the heartbeat of my journey.
27. My knees pop…like… all the time. Damn, I’m getting old. lol.
28. When it comes to going out dancing, most of the time, I’m moving more in my mind than in reality. My mental twerk game is vicious; like on stripper level.
29. Be very careful who you give your time, energy and heart to.  You can not get it back.
30. Most of the time, a controlled annoyed, slightly pissed off glare says me than words ever will.
31. Never let someone tell you the want to leave you and beg them to stay.
32. Practicing piano clams me down but edibles put me to sleep.
33. Oh, did I say I have no fucks to give. Yep….I have none.