This has been a tradition for a few years now…I’d like to dedicate this one to my middle school homie, Nasra. Thanks for being a friend even when we are separated! Until we meet again!

1. I am and always will be a little off…and thats’ ok.

2. I’ve learned to hate doing domestic things like laundry…and have learned the importance of having a washer and dryer in your home.

3. Despite all the clothes I have in my closet, I still probably rotate a few good piece most of the time.

4. I no longer have a fantasy about my career choices. Everything is just cold hard reality. I am learning that I have to continue to re-invent my fantasy to survive.

5. I frequently find gratitude in the little things like holding hands, cuddling, cards, flowers, quiet days at home and nap in cool room.

6. I have learned to accept that there are things and people I can not control. Trying to do so simply makes me lose control. It’s not worth it.

7. I really enjoy ratchet TV. It’s pure entertainment that involves other people’s drama and not mine!

8. People change and so do their priorities. When you are no longer one of theirs, stop making them one of yours.

9. Yep, still a wine-o!

10. It’s much easier to gain the weight than it is to lose it.

11. (repeat from last year) I still love nerds and creative geeks. Brains before brawn all day.

12. I can’t seem to narrow down a favorite food so when I am asked, I will simply say: Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Cuban.

13. Fakeness turns my stomach. When I sense that you are being fake, it triggers my automatic shut down mode.

14. It is important to nurture the friends that are in your corner consistently, not just when they need you, want you to do something or want you to comply with their wants. This is not friendship. Use your energy wisely.

15. I am truly a relationship type of girl…but still believe in having girl time.

16. I LOVE sleeping with a window open when its raining or when by the beach.

17. I made my home very comfortable for a reason…so I could enjoy it. so, don’t be surprised if I decline a night out at the bar/club. Nothing personal.

18. Not everything lasts. So be grateful for the opportunities when they come, hope them to remain but do not beat yourself up if they do not.

19. A major part of being a good partner is learning to pick your battles and truly being able to forgive and trust with no conditions (other than the obvious).

20. I love to travel and feel it is an important component to self-love and relationship building.

21. As an entertainer in this cray cray city, it is of the utmost importance to reinvent and reposition yourself, your goals and the vision you have for yourself.

22. I truly do have some awesome loving and supportive people in my life. Your love and words have been a great gift this past year. I love you all for that.

23. As my girl Ijeoma would say: My circle has gotten smaller but it’s solid my nigga.

24. I heart Portland. It is a foodies’ paradise.

25. I am an extremely resilient person. If you only knew how many set backs and valleys I’ve climbed out of.

26. My dog is a cray cray, awesome, lover…and a pimp.

27. There is something about someone who is completely transparent that always speaks to me. When I can witness a true expression whether it be through dance, song or conversation; I truly value those people, experiences and moments.

28. Living in the present is a lot harder than it sounds but worth learning.

29. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have, you can use it to build yourself up, or tear yourself down.

30. You have to know your worth or no one else will. Don’t be so starved that you accept crumbs for your time and talents.

31. Whenever you have a plan you better believe that something unexpected will happen. So, expect the unexpected.

32. Just when think you have it hard, there is someone, probably in your circle, that has had it/ is having it harder. As my “sis” says: You know the victory but you don’t know the story.