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So, one of my readers slash childhood friends mentioned that she wanted me to to blog about  my birthday adventures. Although my birthday is one day, it tends to go on for a week. Recovery usually takes the same amount of time. This year, I recognized that I am way more observant of myself, my likes, dislikes and passions unlike ever before, so I thought I’d share them with you, in no particular order. Maybe you will see yourself or your future in these little offerings.

1. Apparently, I do not have the same tolerance for alcohol as I once did and my body response to this by bloating when I have mixed and/or just done too much in general.

2. I get out the car slower and with more effort.

3. My flexibility is waning…but that could be residual from my accident.

4. I now do things that I laughed at my mother for doing; like shredding things with personal information on them.

5. I can walk in a room now and really not give a fuck who dislikes me or my gifts. Its laughable really.

6. It is no longer fun for me to go to clubs where I have to stand in line for the bathroom or the bar.

7. Younger men are really into me…and I might for once actually be entertaining the idea.

8. I still love nerds and creative geeks. Brains before brawn all day.

9. The ability to walk away is no longer like pulling teeth, its more like taking out the trash.

10. I am so much more straight to the point that I have been given nicknames like “Miss Cut Throat”.

11. Men’s ability to see that I am not into games and like men who follow through, used to make me uneasy, now I think I might make a shirt about it.

12. I don’t really have time for more friendships, so if I do make any new ones, they must be worth it.

13. I still love fuzzy socks but dislike underwear.

14. My mother never ceases to amazes me with her unconditional love for me. I hope one day to know this feeling.

15. It takes alot to rock my boat, so I tend to stay calm under pressure and stress. I’ve been through alot.

16. I am a very sexual being who fully owns and expresses my sexuality but I do not share it with many…I look forward to sharing with one.

17. Sallie Mae can kick rocks.

18. It is important to make time for yourself in a active capacity. Learning something new just for you is very rewarding.

20. My future husband will be a very lucky man.

21. The art of being sexy is energy. It starts with you and ends with confidence.

22. Life is a never-ending hustle but it is one that I chose, so I will march on because I was created to create.

23. Sometimes, I just want to sleep, watch documentaries and eat Zankou Chicken all day.

24. I tend to compartmentalize feelings and people. I’m an emotional organizer. This can be good…but bad because nothing stays the same.

25. I’m still trying to decide if I workout because I should, love to or so that I can be a foodie.

26. People tell me…. I never change. I’m the same crazy, just older and wiser…maybe more straightforward.

27. I really do pay attention to a man’s posture, his energy, how he carries himself and treats others.

28. Very few people truly peak my interest.

29. Humility is sexy.

30. I have seriously considered marrying a man with a mother who can cook her butt off within my favorite types of food (Mexican, Cuban, Italian and Southern/Creole). Fat girl tendencies.

31. I have beautiful people in my life.